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Sanderford & Carroll is an experienced construction and federal procurement law firm serving general contractors, sub-contractors, developers, private and public owners, and vendors. Our attorneys have experience providing comprehensive legal representation to clients with interests in the construction industry.

Solution Driven

Our attorneys are civil litigators and zealously represent our clients before state and federal courts, arbitration, boards of contract appeals (federal contract disputes) and SOAH (Texas contract disputes). However, we recognize that construction disputes can significantly increase the costs of projects. They can also jeopardize important relationships. Sanderford & Carroll is committed to providing proactive legal services geared towards avoiding unnecessary litigation. To that end, we provide our client's with a broad range of services including complex contract drafting, review and negotiation of proposed agreements, preparation and submission of change orders, requests for equitable adjustment, and early dispute resolution. Our services also include consulting and advising clients that compete for public contracts concerning the development and proper use of joint ventures, teaming and mentor protégé agreements, and the process and benefits of qualifying as a small, disadvantaged, service-disabled veteran owned or other certified status, all under the regulatory umbrella of the Small Business Administration.

Skilled Advocates

Our lawyers are familiar with all aspects of Texas and Federal construction and procurement law and assist our clients with contract disputes, bid protests, acceleration, delay and inefficiency claims, non-payment, warranty claims, design errors and omissions, latent defects, construction defects, workmanship, materials and project scheduling. We frequently prosecute and defend against private bond claims as well as public federal "Miller Act" bond claims, state "McGregor Act" bond claims, mechanic's and materialman's lien claims, liquidated damage claims, prompt payment and construction trust fund claims, terminations, and defaults.

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